Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Chit Chat

Back to my "cutter" quilt from Quilt Camp, after we took our favorite blocks there was a lot left.

We had one friend who couldn't make it to camp so we all purchased her a group of reproduction Civil War era fat quarters and made a cute bag from part on the left over quilt.

Tucked in are the blocks and other goodies and tied up with a twill tape "tape measure" bow.
She loved it. Can't wait to see what she does with the fabric.
(No pressure there Deb!)

This wonderful childhood quilt was made in the early 1960's. Every night when the mother who made it put her 5 children to bed she would work on a quilt for each. She traced pictures from coloring books and hand embroidered each. Her stitching is beautiful.

The little boy is grown now but the good memories of his mother still live on.

The pillow cover with G.I. Joe pictures.
(the brown fabric is the same color as the quilt, photographed in a different room)

What a great man who still treasures it.

The last of the  Fall leaves here are the oaks.

Before I left for Camp I picked some and rolled them up in raw silk with a little bit of rusty metal.
Steamed them, and let them set in a plastic bag.

After a week their now forever printed on my scarf.


Anonymous said...

I already have my quilt planned with the awesome reproduction fabric Kathy...have not started it tho. the leaves turned out great!!
Looking forward to the sewing room for sure. Deb C

Peggy said...

What a cool thing you all did for Deb up there! Love the embroidered quilt and the memory it holds and the leaves on silk are just grand! xx

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  • Allie Aller
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