Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Festival Camping

Last week we left on Thursday and spent four days camping, the last hurrah of the season. Our local State Park hosts a Halloween weekend for kids. So off the whole family went, 4 trailers and a tent. We parked right on the channel, this was my view when I woke up every morning, sunrise over the lake.

I spent as much time here as I could,

watching the boys feed the wildlife

and fish.

I sat in my chair and worked on my wool quilt.

All day long the channel was very busy, here comes the Lake Express, it takes passenger across the Lake from Michigan to Wisconsin.

A big blue heron silently fished near by.

Later at camp the boys carved pumpkins while we sorted the seeds to roast.

Little guy with mom.

OK, some needed more power,

while brother carved a free form witch riding a broom.

That night the pumpkins and canopy glowed.

We loved this carving idea, it comes from my favorite, Martha Stewart!

And my favorite of all the witch!

The next morning the Camp had a lot of fun activities for the little ones.


The three little cousins painting pumpkins.

While little brother was there the older brothers fished with their Uncle along the channel

for hours,

until Grandpa and I came to bring them home to eat.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun Kathy! We have so missed camping this year, hoping next year we can again. Blessings as you enjoy the beautiful fall weather! Deb C

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