Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy 4th of July

My dad is recuperating from his broken hip at our local nursing home. Upon finding out they had so many WWII vets there they had a special ceremony for them.

As a child I wore and played in my dads old Navy uniforms not thinking what they represented. Now that I'm older I thank him and all our Veterans for all their Service to our Country in keeping our Freedoms.

We've been camping up North this past week (I came in for the ceremony). My mind and body needed to be camping, lately there's been too many hospitals/emergency rooms, surgeries and work. So, until next week this is where I'll be, on a little dock right outside our camper. There is no place I love better to be quilting than outside. And even better all our kids and grand kids are camping with us.

And this is where the grand kids are when their not out in the boat fishing with grandpa.

Next week I'll show you the results of my rose petal dyeing (don't get excited).
And yes Deb C. I have dyed with avocado pits and they give a beautiful soft pink. the post on them is somewhere back in my past posts:)

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy your wonderful camping time!! Time for a well deserved break!! Glad all your "people" could join you...making sweet memories! Looks like a perfect place to be quilting for sure! Deb C

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