Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I spent some time this past weekend dyeing with coreopsis. They are tiny little flowers but hold a lot of color. They're a few different varieties, the type I used was coreopsis tinctoria, I've noticed if the Latin name for the plant has tinctoria in it, it is a great dye plant.

The flowers are about the size of a penny.

I simmered them about a hour then put the wool fabric in, it became a beautiful peachy orange color right away.

Some of the fabric I bundled so it would have different shades. The wool yarn I had dyed before. it was a brassy yellow so back into the dye pot it went.

This is the collection of vintage linen napkins I've been dyeing all summer, starting with daffodils last spring.

And cotton fabrics. They seem to take the color the same as linen.

I don't know if I showed this before but I just finished needle felting the rabbits tails in. This is one of the lattice strips for my family tree quilt. This will go around the husband's childhood home.

My sunflowers are beautiful this year, I think they're about 10 feet tall. The plain yellow ones are Hopi sunflowers (I sent away for the seeds). I'm going to try dyeing with the seeds later.

I won't be posting for the next couple of weeks, I'll be visiting with family.
See you the end of September.


Melodie said...

I was out west for 2 1/2 weeks in Aug. and somewhere around WY or MT we saw acres and acres of sunflowers! I never thought of them as a crop but with all the things we get from them I guess someone has to grow them!

Deb H said...

The orange is beautiful. You are so inspiring.

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