Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dyeing with cosmos

My cosmos are blooming like crazy and I've been using them as fast as I can, and drying those that I don't have time for to use later.

Last week I placed them on this wool, rolled it up tight and steamed it for a hour. Then I put it in a zip lock bag and left it in the sun for 4 days. Look at it after it's been washed! I love it. The flower prints turned out wonderful, they have so much detail.

Up close it looks like I outlined the flowers with pen. They almost look like red poppies.
Double click on the picture to see the detail.

I think this would make a beautiful winter scarf. Tonight, I think I will do just that with a larger piece of wool (scarf size).

I wrapped one of my vintage linen napkins in eucalyptus and steamed it. I was expecting a wonderful rusty red but instead got dull yellow prints (4Th napkin on right). The orange spots on the side was from the cosmos touching it while they steamed.
Well this is my napkin collection so far, cosmos, rose leaf prints, daffodil and the eucalyptus, with more to come.

Our July Herb Society meeting was touring a few local gardens, I thought I'd share with you a few of their ideas. This was a great recycled brick path winding through different garden areas.

I wish I had a chandelier in my garden, the candles are great in it.

I also love these Lace Cap hydrangeas.

I really don't believe in having quilts out in the elements but this quilt was completely worn out, so OK, it works for this back porch. There is a roof over it.

This was a beautiful piece tucked in amongst the plants.

And back to my house, I loved picking this bouquet of Queen Ann's Lace along the road side. The stems and leaves are used for dyeing, getting a light yellow.


Vicki W said...

The scarf is fabulous!

Deb H said...

The Cosmos results are spectacular. I think I may even be able to grow them up here!

Kathy -MIQuilter said...

They are very, very eary to grow and your season is long enough.

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