Tuesday, August 17, 2010


A beautiful Dale Chihuly glass exhibit is on display at Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture park in Grand Rapids, Mi. Yesterday I packed a picnic lunch and my husband and I spent the day there. The glass work and gardens are so beautiful it takes your breath away. I don't know much about the different glass artists but I do "know" Chihuly. Once you know his work its easy recognise, it's very organic and is like no other glass. These are just a few of his beautiful pieces. The first one you see coming into the gardens is this large piece with the glass house in the background.

A close up.

Inside the glass house was a large collection of of pieces, some in the Ikebana style (Japanese flower arrangement).

Outside the glass house this large piece titiled "Rose Quartz".

This blue piece is tucked in among the blue sage plants.

This group would look great in my garden.

This piece "Summer Sun" is on the edge of a wild flower field.

Close up.

Set along a creek "Neodymium Reeds and Blue Herons".

This is a pond with the white glass pieces laying along the banks. This was my least favorite piece and my husband loved it.

You see more of this type of his sculptures on permenent displey at differnt buildings.
These were just a few of the many pieces on display until Sept. 30 plus the gardens have many sculptures on permanent display from world famous artists.
If you are able to, take time to visit the exhibit. For more information http://MeijerGardens.org


Deb H said...

WOW! Those are wonderful! I 1st saw D Chihuly on a PBS program. His stuff i amazing. That 1st shot looks like a tree turning to fall color already!

Melodie said...

I thought the first one was some exotic plant. Gorgeous stuff!! I love the way they are displayed among 'nature' settings!
I seldom get out so these little trips you go on are a real treat!!

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