Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Birthday quilt

This month was my daughters 30th birthday (I feel like it should be my 30th birthday!) I wanted to make her something special. I decided to make a quilted wall hanging with her boys doing the art work for the blocks. Before we went to visit them last spring for Easter I cut out several 8 1/2" white squares of fabric and ironed them on to freezer paper to stabilize them for coloring. When she went to work I had the boys color their favorite pictures, 2 each plus big brother did the center "Happy Birthday" block.

I heat set the blocks then pieced the top at home, the little back triangles on the corners of the pictures are 3- dimensional and are suppose to look like scrap book corners. The outside boarder fabrics reminds me of doodling. I wanted this top from the kids but not have the boarders "kidish" looking.
This is a little closer look at the drawings.

When my husband and I went back in Oct. I brought a large piece of white fabric and fabric paints. I poured a different color on a paper plate for each boy, they put their hands in it and printed them all over the fabric. When I lifted the fabric up the paint had gone through the fabric and onto the wooden picnic table leaving permanent hand prints. The fabric became the back of the quilt. I machine quilted the wall hanging at home and shipped it to Melissa in time for her birthday. She was very surprised and loved it. When I told her about the picnic table she said she had seen the hand prints and was wondering what she had done with the kids to leave those prints.


Vicki W said...

You are a terrific Mom!

Deb H said...

It's so cute Kathy! I love the idea of the prints on the picnic table too! It's like a bonus gift! So sweet!

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