Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

I made this picnic table cloth in the late 80s with my husbands, kids and my jeans. I cut out the long leg portions, ironed the edges under, butted them up next to each other and zig zaged them together with red thread. I put 3 pockets on each side for napkins and utensils. I was excited to find the red calico fabric with blue flowers on it (this was the 80's) to match the jeans for the back and binding. We still use the cloth for all our picnics. As my grandchildren out grew their first pair of jeans my daughter gave them to me and I added their pockets to the center of the quilt (saving the other center side for the someday grandchildren of my son).
The napkin holder is a Lynette Jensen of Thimbelberries design. I painted a clay pot and saucer creamy white and hot glued vintage buttons on along the edge.
I hope you have a great Fourth of July, we're going camping up North at a pow wow with the kids.

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T said...

what a great picnic rug....great way to recycle old jeans... i am inspired by this...

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