Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day weekend

Nothing is better than a obligation free long holiday weekend, beginning Saturday I quilted this mariners compass I pieced of few years ago. I love the background fabric on this piece, it so represents my family members that come from all over the world. I also finished my round robin compass and hung it up in the gable end of my dye studio. It looks wavy on the edges due to the fact I have it pinned between the different height frame boards of the structure. I also found a good place to put some of my natural dyed yarn.

On Sunday I packed my hand quilting and went to a pow wow with my husband. A native women did this bead work on the back of her vest. She told me this was her husbands favorite t-shirt and when he died she beaded it and sewed it on the back of her vest to honor him.
When one of the dancers came by I realized years ago I had natural dyed his breech clout and sewed a silk binding on the edge. I'm not sure if I used onion skins or turmeric but the color was still beautiful.
Monday morning we packed a picnic lunch and spent the day boating on the river. It was so beautiful and peaceful. After all winter it feels so good to see green!

My husband motoring our boat.

We try to stay off the main branch of the river and take the little tributaries, there's so much more wild life there. The water lillies were just beginning to open. The color was beautiful.

This is a huge blue heron taking off from the lillies.

Along one of the banks this huge turtle was sunning himself. His neck and head are on the right side.

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Deb H said...

Beautiful pictures Kathy. I wish I could go floating down the river with you.

The beaded vest was amazing. What a nice way to remember her husband.

Your comapss quilts are wonderful. I love that old world map fabric too. I wish I would've bought some.

Your gift came in the mail last night. Thanks so much! The book is just beautiful. I am sure I'll enjoy reading it. I think I'll pick some fungus to try dying the wool. Thanks so much! I'm excited about that! Wish you were here to play with me!

Love & hugs!!!!

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