Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Valentines Day & antique baby quilts

Two years ago my girlfriend and I went to Amsterdam to visit the Van Gogh museum and the Rijks (with Rembrandt's paintings and the Dutch masters). At night there was a walking tour of the Red Light District (prostitution is legal there). We took the tour and they had a little gift shop in the district that the prostitutes ran to make extra money. I bought this card there for my husband for Valentines Day (they put in a free condom). The women made the card with fabric trims, button, wooden shoes and puffy paints. The picture reminds me of the homes where the prostitutes stand in front of glass windows and doors advertising their bodies for sales. It's very sad to look at and rips your heart out. That said, many of the women have good day jobs and families and do this because they make a lot of money.

My girlfriend Beverly stopped over last night to show me two quilts she bought at an estate sale. I believe this one is a very old baby quilt, hand quilted in good shape. They wanted $4.50 for it but she got it for $2.50! I'm not sure of the name of the pattern.

I'm not sure about this one, I believe its an old baby quilt, hand quilted in great shape. Paid the same amount $2.50.
I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day and eat lots of chocolate, I'm going to try a new recipe for flour less chocolate cake and watch the movie Chocolate with my hubby.


Deb H said...

I think that I'm sadder about the price Beverly paid for those precious quilts than the prostitutes of Amsterdam! It breaks my heart to think how under valued they were. Sounds like it was Beverly's lucky day!

We're staying home by a cozy fire this weekend. That'll be a treat for me!

Melodie said...

That was some deal on the quilts!
You sure get around girl!!
As for Valentines Day, as usual, I will have a house FULL of children! Must be my lot in life. Leilani & Don are going away for the evening and coming back Sunday (since Lei doesn't have to work) so their 3 girls will be spending the nite with Nana, my girls and Jenny's friend, Susi! I'm going to HIDE the chocolate.......if you get my meaning!!

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