Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Genealogy calendar

I showed my friend Nancy my "family tree" quilts blocks I've been working on, she asked me to speak to our local genealogy society in Jan. and show them how I'm recording my family history. Seeing as I only have 5 blocks done Nancy suggested I make a family calendar and for Christmas she had 4 printed, 2 for me and 2 for my kids. The hard part was to come up with enough family pictures for 12 pages, one picture for each month. The following are some of the pages.

This picture is for the month of January. This is my newest block with the original picture of the windmill in Poland on the top left corner and my great-grandmothers picture and the family grave site in Poland. (Deb, do you see the haystack fabric from our hand dyed wool, there's still enough left for your bear)

For Feb. I used a crazy quilt piece I made years ago with family wedding pictures I transferred to silk fabric, my mom and dad, my mom's parents and my husband and I. The picture in the frame is my dad's parents.

For the months I didn't have a quilt block for I used family pictures. This is John's dads side of the family. Someday, I'll have his childhood home finished.

By Oct. I was running out of ideas so I did Halloween. The picture on the upper right is me as Little Red Riding Hood. This month I also added some of my children's and grandchildren's pictures.

I also did one month with my dad in his Navy uniform. On the bottom of all the pictures in the calendar I wrote all of the family information.

I'm still working on my mom's childhood home, I like this picture of my grandpa standing by the front door of this home. This is my mom and her 5 sisters, the other with their mother.
The calendar shows both my and my husband's sides of the family so my kids can learn a little more of their family history.

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Melodie said...

What a great idea!! That would take me years! My oldest is working on our history on It's a pretty cool site and she sends it to me so I can add bits of the history I know.

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