Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wizard of Oz party

This past Saturday our friend Theresa turned 50, her daughter gave her a Wizard of Oz birthday party. Her daughter and her friends are a very creative group and the party was wonderful. I remembered some Oz fabric I saw at our local quilt shop and new I had to make a little quilt for the birthday girl. The fabric that was from the Kansas farm scenes was wonderful with actual film images on it. The fabric when they arrived in Oz was awful, the images were fake and distorted, and the two groups were defiantly not made to be in the same quilt. But, I really wanted both fabrics together to tell the whole story. So, this is what I came up, which I was OK with. Theresa loved it.

This is Theresa as Dorothy (her daughter made her outfit, right down to her ruby slippers) and her boyfriend as the Wizard.

The two witches who each made their own costumes, the wicked witch also made her dogs costume, as one of the flying monkeys. The good witches crown was wonderfully done and the wicked witch is a make up artist and her nose and make up were great.

This is Theresa's daughter with her husband, she was the Wizard's assistant and he's the lion. She made both costumes.

The scarecrow, I think she also made his.

The tin man made his own with cardboard.

A close up of the flying monkey.

Group picture.

They could also sing and perform. Scott is quite well known around town for his music and singing.

And the wicked witch can also bake, she made the cake, notice the red shoes and legs under the house.


Deb H said...

Did all the guests come as munchkins?

It looks like so much fun! How clever & creative!!

Karen Storyland said...

How wonderful.. what great and caring friends and family.

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