Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

I've been playing with needle felting Valentine's day cards. I used a wool fabric background, needle felted the bird and grass and blanket stitched on my dyed wool fabric heart and birds, beak, then I machine stitched it to a blank card (but I forgot to open up the card before I sewed it so it became a postcard!).
A couple of hearts with funky yarns felted in, before I sewed them to the card stock I stamped dots.

My friend Deb from Alaska made me this beautiful needle felted pincushion for me for Christmas. It's much more detailed than the picture shows. I love it.
And this one, I think she made them both differently, maybe this one with soap and hot water. They both feel very different. Am I right Deb? Here they all are with my basket full of wool roving Deb sent me. It's a lot of fun playing with the roving.
My husband and I leave Monday for 2 weeks in Puerto Rico. Our son and daughter in law live there and my Aunt and Uncle and cousins who I haven't seen since I was a toddler. We're looking forward to seeing everyone. We'll be doing a lot of snorkeling, hiking and seeing the wilderness of Puerto Rico. I hope to have some interesting pictures when I return, hopefully I will find some sort of native textiles. I'll see you Feb. 26.


Deb H said...

I've been thinking I need to get busy on cards too, but have been working on birthday stuff. 2 more to go for this month. Yor cards are so cute! I love them!

I think I needle felted both of those pincushions by hand, but started with the soap felted center on one of them. I didn't realize I'd sent you 2!

I'm sorry you're going to Puerto Rico, & not coming up for the AFF, I'll miss you! Take lots of pictures!

Donna N said...

Happy Valentine's Day late! Your Valentines are beautiful! You are so creative! Emily made bags for Christmas exchange gifts too. My machine is out and have been back to working on that quilt for Emily a little. loved the pics of those grandsons!
The eagles are everwhere this year because we have had a especially cold winter. Love ya!

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