Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Beginning a new wool quilt

This is my first block for my "family tree" quilt. I'm using my natural hand dyed wool, blanket stitching the pictures on and adding some needle felting and embellishments. This is a picture of my childhood home (without the garage, woods and creek in the backyard) my father and mother built. In the lawn area I am going to embroider my parents names and birth dates, their wedding date, me and my brothers birth dates, the year the house was built, our address etc. Next, I'm doing my grandmothers little neighborhood store, I'm setting it at Christmas. Then I'll do my husbands childhood home, his grandparents, ours, and then our childrens, embroidering in all the family history. This is so much fun, it's like playing with paperdolls. My favorite quilts to make are story quilts.
Last night I met with one of my quilt bees for our Christmas party, my friend Cathy made us all these little sea turtles sewing kits. I love it. Under his tumming is an opening for scissors etc. I believe this is a comercial pattern.
My friend Jody made us a wreath, she used wire edge ribbon and looped it around a ring.
Every year I make up a different arrangement on our porch. This year I picked a lot of Christmas greens and holly branches. The white branches are the sumac branches I picked last summer and peeled the bark off them for a dye pot. The branches were so white I saved them for my arrangement. The little white snowflakes are metal. I also tucked in little white lights.

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Deb H said...

I love the wool block Kathy. It's going to be another wonderful quilt. It makes me want to get out my wool & start playing with it again. Especially now that I do the needle felting too!

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