Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A little more from the weaving workshop

On a couple of afternoons we went on field trips to some local trading posts to see the Navajo rugs. One of the posts was 110 years old. The rugs were so beautiful. This is a couple of weaving looms.

Navajo baskets.
All of the wool is the natural sheep color.
The center design looked like spiders to me.

Another wonderful rug (they were laying in a pile, for sale, and I just photographed them as they were being looked at)
On our field trip we drove down a dirt lane to get a piture of Shiprock mountain, which the town is named after. John and I with his weaving and my dyed wool on the last day of the workshop. Some have asked about the weather, it warmed into the 70's during the day and got quite cold at night. So in the mornings when we started class it was cool. All of our classes were outside, which I love, the scenery was very inspriational.
I still have to take a picture of my part-way finished weaving. I've been trying use up all of my dye plants since I've been home while they are fresh, and haven't has time to weave (oh and I've had to work to).


Granny Fran said...

Those are the most beautiful looms made with the natural wood. It has me thinking about a joint project with my husband, making a similar one. Love your photos of Shiprock.

Deb H said...

Wow Kathy, what beautiful photos. I'm so glad you're blogging now.

I love the wooden looms & the incredible weavings. Thst scenery is spectacular. What an amazing memory the 2 of you have made together.

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